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More of a test post than anything else... *taps screen*

Taking the shiny new blog out for a spin! Hopefully this crossposting thing works and this appears on LJ, too. 

Anyway, hello. Been a while. I had this great long life update post planned out in my head, but now I'm home from work and tired/lazy. I also started this post five days ago, so you can see how well that's gone.

More life stuff behind the cut:

I picked up my life and moved 1,000 miles west a couple of months ago, from Illinois to Colorado. I didn't know a soul in the state except for two distant cousins and my new employers, so that was an adventure. Shed about half my belongings and spent a couple of weeks in a hotel looking for a place to live while I started the new job. Now I've got my own little apartment, living completely alone for the first time, and it's been wonderful. The job is great, my new state is great. The only thing I regret is moving to a city that doesn't believe in plowing its roads. Hello, Colorado, you're supposed to know how to deal with snow! 

I haven't been writing fic. I've been trying to focus what little headspace I have at the end of the day on my original writing, and on one novel in particular. If I can get only one thing published in my lifetime, I'm determined that it'll be this story. Honest-to-god published. I want to walk into a bookstore someday and see it sitting physically on a shelf (in the clearance section, probably, but it still counts!). I literally care about nothing else. 

Anyway, to accomplish any of that, I need to actually sit my ass down and start reaching out to agents. And keep reaching out to agents even after rejection, which is key. I had a couple of rejections prior to NaNoWriMo, and I haven't done anything with it since. So I need to do that. I guess I'll revive this blog to talk about my editing and my adventures with agents. Not that I pretend to have any idea what I'm doing, but I figure if I talk about it with and to people, that will hold me accountable. I have two phenomenal friends who have listened to me bitch about this story for years, and who have provided me with absolutely invaluable advice about the story, but I need to stop burdening them with my fictional woes and actually do something about it. 

So I guess that's what you'll get now from me. Complaints about an original story that may never see the light of day anyway, and occasional pictures of pretty Colorado mountains.

If you want fandom things or my silly headcanons that will never become fics, I suggest finding me on Tumblr instead. :) Still active there, six years on! Amazing.


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